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- in the beginning was the DAO and Dom looked at the DAO and it was good

This is a microsite created to aid the community discuss issues around the DAO structures that will be needed to manage the new Shimmer network.

To find out about the parent network, Iota, please visit our sister site To discuss this site contact @dumdave on the Iota Discord.

Everything about Shimmer is new, so the structures that will be needed will be entirely different to the ones required for the original Iota network. There have been two major announcements so far:

[1] Announcing the Shimmer Network and Token

[2] Shimmer Genesis NFTs

DAOs are important to Shimmer because at Genesis (the initial creation and distribution of Shimmer) there is no-one in charge. DAOs must form from the community. This website (created 22 Nov 2021) is a sign of the emergence of DAO life.

The first document to be published here is an examination by @dumdave of possible types of DAO needed and their voting and membership structures.

Discussion of likely required types and voting for Shimmer DAOs

See also this interesting Reddit posting by Linus Neumann

A vision of IOTA´s future ecosystem — The DAO-landscape

Shimmer may be emerging as a squawling child from Iota's belly, but it has ancestry from a far wider gene pool. At a technical level, it will no doubt stay close to Iota for some time to come, the two networks attached by a rubber band that pulls Iota forward as Shimmer proves every new advance. At a conceptual level however it has also inherited genes from a dozen other crypto projects.

What are the obvious differences? To list a few:

[a] There are no founders. Nobody has any moral right to any particular percentage of the pool of Shimmer that are being 'airdropped' (if that is the right word) to existing Iota holders. Yes, the bigger holders of Iota get proportionately more but those holders could have rushed in and bought them yesterday. There are no 'founders' here. Also nobody is taking any risk to get Shimmer - you just wait with your Firefly wallet open.

[b] There may be inflation. This is important. As with Fiat money, an annual inflation rate tends to erode the value of your savings. If there was no inflation in the real world then you could leave money in a building society and it would be able to buy you as many goods and services in ten years as now. Inflation eats away at that so it forces people to invest savings - as most of us do directly or indirectly via pensions etc. Iota has no inflation by contrast.

[c] There will be intense innovation. See the second Shimmer announcement above. The 'Genesis NFT' initiative is not an airdrop, except for a lucky few, it is a risky 'investment' opportunity (or gamble) very much in the spirit of much of the rest of the crypto ecosystem - and entirely different to the Iota ethos.

As with the website, if you are delighted with this site, skeletal as it is, and, then please consider a few Miota by way of trinkgeld, gratuity, donation, gift, largesse, reward, offering, bonus, cumshaw, gravy, perk, bestowal or lagniappe!


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